Franchisors have a difficult task.

On the one hand they have the opportunity to become a household name and the ‘choice’ for the consumer in their relevant industry.

On the other hand they run the risk of their brand name coming into disrepute if the franchisee pays little respect to this.

If we throw in the recent changes to data protection law (GDPR) then this risk becomes all the more tangible.

Personal data is fast becoming the new currency on which business trades and if a franchisee doesn’t pay due respect to this then the risk is to the brand more than the franchisee.

Brand reputation takes a long time to garner and a very, very short time to lose.

Our GDPR Management systems are in place to enable you to have a detailed view of your whole network to enable you to minimise the risk to your brand.

We work with franchisors to build bespoke management systems which report on the exact details that their DPO or data protection lead needs to see on a daily basis – this could range from knowing which sites have input assets right through to where each site is in their breach management reporting.

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