GDPR Solutions – which franchise industry do you work in?

Here at GDPR Systems our GDPR OFFICE and CCTV management systems can be used across the full range of industries that form part of the franchising world.

Regardless of sector, our systems will enable and empower you and your franchisees to take control of, and be able to demonstrate your accountability and transparency when it comes to meeting your data protection responsibilities.

Solutions for GDPR

  1. GDPR for Home Healthcare Franchises
  2. GDPR for Fitness Franchises
  3. GDPR for Childrens Activity Franchises
  4. GDPR for Private Education Franchises
  5. GDPR for Retail Franchises
  6. GDPR for Commercial Services Franchises
  7. GDPR for Arts Franchises
  8. GDPR for Childcare Franchises


GDPR for Home Healthcare Franchises

The home health care sector has been booming recently due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic highlighted the serious need for this additional care in our society.

This whole sector though needs to take data protection seriously – all franchisees will be processing special category data and the need to understand the data flows of the franchisee AND the franchisor will be massively important in the protection of the company brand.


GDPR for Fitness Franchises

Fitness franchises often use centralised systems to manage their member’s personal data – this leads to the perception from the franchisee that data protection is sorted as the franchisor has taken care of it!

This is not the case – fitness franchises process personal data – including special category data – at franchisee level so the legal responsibility lies with them.


GDPR for Childrens Activity Franchises

Children’s activity franchises are wide and varied in their style and type of products and services. They all share one thing in common though – at some point they will be processing children’s personal data. This raises the bar in terms of how they are managing their GDPR responsibilities and yes it does fall to the franchisee to be able to manage this on an ongoing basis.


GDPR for Private Education Franchises

Private education/tutoring is another sector which has seen a positive upturn since the advent of COVID 19.

With schools being off for a prolonged period of time, it has meant that for those that can afford it, private tuition has become a lifeline in the education of their children.

As with the children’s activity sector though, this sector will be processing children’s personal data and will need to be able to effectively manage this and demonstrate to parents how they are being accountable and transparent with all personal data.


GDPR for Retail Franchises

The retail landscape is wide and varied – from fast-food restaurants to hairdressers probably the one thing they have in common is they will all most likely use CCTV to help protect their premises.

This falls under data protection laws as well as the other personal data that they process.

Being able to evidence your latest CCTV privacy notice as well as understanding who has access to what images will be key to demonstrating to your customers why they should trust you.


GDPR for Commercial Services Franchises

This sector is wide and varied – from business coaches to cleaning companies, they are often run by a lean team of professionals with support from the franchisor and because of this there is often a perception that data protection laws do not apply to them.

They do.

As well as processing client personal data they will also be processing employee personal data and some of it will be special category data. This means that they will need to take extra precautions and be able to document this.


GDPR for Arts Franchises

The main type of franchise in the Arts category tends to be stage schools. As stage school’s main customers are children it goes without saying that they need to be fully transparent when they process their personal data.

They may even process special category data – for instance, if a student has a weak right knee or has an allergic reaction to some kind of food type.


GDPR for Childcare Franchises

The childcare sector within franchising represents a complicated journey for the personal data that they process.

Not only are they processing children’s data but they are also processing one or more special category data categories.

This alone makes it imperative that each franchisee is able to clearly demonstrate how they are processing the personal data that they use.

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