About Us and our GDPR Solutions

Why did we develop our GDPR Solution?

The GDPR is complicated – but it is a law and we’re law abiding folk here at GDPR Systems. While we were working through the process of understanding GDPR, we realised that we had created a simple to follow process. It was so good and easy to follow that we thought it should be shared with all businesses because let’s be honest, most businesses paid a bit of lip service to the law when it was introduced but haven’t really bothered since.

As we worked though the bumps and lumps of developing a new software, it became apparent that there was a need in the franchising world for forward thinking franchisors that cared about their brand to actually know what was going on in their network of franchisees – so we developed our network management system for franchisors

And that’s how we give them peace of mind when it comes to data protection

What about our data protection?

You can find our privacy policy on the bottom of the homepage if you want to have look through. It details where we get personal data from, where we send it and our purposes and lawful basis for processing.

To give you an idea, we only process basic information – names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses – for our clients we are data processors and do send them a data protection agreement which details what we do with their data and what they can expect.

All of our servers networks are fully encrypted as are the majority of our digital devices.

They also have limited physical access and we document who has access to what device in our GDPR OFFICE System.

Yes we do use our own systems!

Our ICO registration number is ZA 332818

Getting hold of us….

For all other enquiries please call on +44(0)1865 600 410

And of course you can email us at  info@gdprsystems.co.uk

Or if you want to go old school please write to us at

GDPR Systems Ltd
7 Jacobs Yard, Middle Barton, Chipping Norton, OX7 7BY,United Kingdom