About Us and our GDPR Solution

Why did we develop our GDPR Solution?

GDPR Systems developed a GDPR solution through necessity. While we were working through the process of understanding GDPR, we created a simple to follow process. It was so good and easy to follow that we thought this should be shared with all businesses. The GDPR questions are worded in plain English following our ethos of ‘Making Complex Simple’.

What the GDPR Solution Provides.

We designed a solution that would fit in with GDPR. Enabling you to list all of your breachable assets (computers, smartphones, filing cabinets etc) and link each asset with the staff that have access to them, where the data come from and goes to and to have the required ready-made policies and procedures.

Customers can classify what types of personal data they hold and select which lawful basis they are using to  process the personal data. Including simple summary reports to evidence what you have done to be GDPR ready and how successfully you have implemented it.

Finally, we made it online so every business can have access to a GDPR solution that fits their business when they need it and with the hope that this GDPR solution will get you a great deal closer to being GDPR ready. It cuts down on all those expensive consultants hours everybody says that you must have!

Our mission is to ‘Make Complex Simple’.

We hope you find our GDPR solution simple and easy to use. Contact us at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or queries.

The GDPR OFFICE and CCTV solutions cover all businesses including schools, car bodyshops, charities, airlines, airports, doctors surgeries, physiotherapists, gyms, franchisors and petrol forecourts

What’s in it for you?

If you can introduce us to, or you’re an organisation that has multiple locations and needs an easy way to monitor, manage and report on all locations from the comfort of your own desk then give me a call on +44(0)1865 600 410 and ask for Simon.

Getting hold of us….

For all other enquiries please call on +44(0)1865 600 410

And of course you can email us at  info@gdprsystems.co.uk

Or if you want to go old school please write to us at

GDPR Systems Ltd
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