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A simple to use OFFICE GDPR Solution for all of your office IT, desktops, laptops, mobiles and backup servers (Breachable Assets) including the correct legal policies and procedures.

Busy offices and businesses process, profile and communicate with their customers by using personal data.

These could range from mailing lists, databases, IP addresses and CRM’s to more recent additions such as biometric or genetic data. (The actual definition of personal data types from the EU)

The relationships between each type of data, where it is accessed and where it is stored is crucial to companies wanting to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Most information is separated and in the event of a breach, it will be difficult to easily access all of the required information.

The solution is the OFFICE GDPR solution.

What does the OFFICE GDPR Solution offer you?

  • A simple to use platform to list all of your PC’s, remote devices, servers and storage devices (Breachable Assets).
  • The ability to document all of your security standards for all devices and transmission of data.
  • Identify and record your lawful basis for processing each type of personal data.
  • House all of the different types of data that your company uses.
  • Upload all third-party agreements to prove their GDPR data protection status.
  • Assign levels of responsibility (data protection officer, data controllers and data processors) to all relevant staff members.
  • A Clear visual indication of where the weaknesses in your system lie.
  • Produce and house up to date legal policies and procedures.
  • Upload your own legal policies and procedures.
  • Produce easily viewable evidence of the safety of your personal data.
  • Should an asset fail you can update the details within the system.

Who is the OFFICE GDPR Solution for?

Any office or business in any industry that handles personal information that is not CCTV. Up-to 15 digital storage assets for a small to medium-sized business.

Buy OFFICE GDPR Solution
Purchase the OFFICE GDPR Solution Now

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