GDPR for Airlines & Airports

The Airline industry (including Airports and Airlines) is probably the industry that uses the highest volume of personal data of all.

Types of personal data that this industry uses regularly can range from CCTV images right through to a persons health information.

Thats to say nothing of passport details, addresses, next of kin, and so on.

Crucially the Airline industry is the industry that will come across challenges that few other industries will come across when it comes to being ready for the GDPR.

Given that the GDPR is designed to protect the personal data rights of  all EU citizens, location and distance become irrelevant.

For instance, if a passenger is from the EU and travels to Australia and then to America via Columbia and then back home, it is incumbent on the airlines and airports in all locations to meet the technical and ethical requirements of the data controller in making sure that that EU citizen’s personal data is sent, received and stored safely and securely.

The complexity involved in these personal data journeys is ata level that most industries cannot contemplate.

When we add EU261 into the equation – the safe storage of personal data is thrown directly into the spotlight – and some data controllers will be left wanting.

GDPR Systems have worked closely with many data controllers and processors within the airline industry in order to create a GDPR solution that will save time, money and hassle for all those that choose to use it.

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