GDPR for Charities

Charities are a necessary part of our daily lives, and the people who run them are busy people who regularly work over 70 hours a week to provide for others less fortunate. Meaning that sometimes significant changes to the law such as the upcoming GDPR can often get missed because they are so busy. Here at GDPR Systems, we have developed a GDPR solution for charities that recognises and addresses this.

The GDPR for Charities solution works for any charity in a business environment. It manages all the GDPR challenges. Providing all the features you needed to store your breachable assets like filing cabinets, desktops, laptops, smartphone, flash drives. The solution also records staff and personnel who have digital or physical access to the breachable assets. The GDPR for Charities solution also provides customised GDPR policies and procedure documents needed to secure your charity.

It’s reasonable to say that the charity sector has had its fair share of press coverage over the last few weeks and months – and not all of it positive – to say the least. The GDPR changes coming represents a good opportunity for all charities – although it may not feel like it!

Given the types of personal data that charities handle, the opportunity lies in being transparent about what personal information they hold, where they keep it and what they use it for.

At the moment, brought in lists, personal profiling and storage of personal details are all aspects that charities say are difficult to quantify.

How do you record the fact that you are storing personal information that is ten years old in a filing cabinet stored in the broom cupboard?

How do you justify keeping donor records for more than 12 months when you have never had to defend it before?

We have consulted with many charities and their representatives to understand the unique challenges that the sector is facing when it comes to GDPR.

This has led us to create the charities GDPR solution which will enable you to record all of your assets (even the non-digital ones!), evidence where you got the data from and tying in your lawful basis for using it.

This will make your GDPR life a lot, lot more relaxed.

GDPR for Charities offers you?

  • A simple to use place to list all of your storage devices, computers, smartphones (Breachable Assets).
  • The ability to document how you have made your customer and employee personal data safe.
  • Assign levels of responsibility to all relevant staff members.
  • A clear indication of where the weaknesses in your systems lie.
  • Including up to date legal policies and procedures.
  • Produce easily viewable evidence of the safety of your personal data.
  • The opportunity to list multiple sites in one location.

The GDPR Ready Minimum Legal Documentation Charities will Require?

Includes in the GDPR for Charities portal is are the policies and procedures document below, these are all individually customised to your charity from within the portal. The documents are as easy to read as possible.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Data retention policy
  • Consent Policy
  • Data retention procedure
  • Subject access request procedure
  • Data destruction policy
  • Breach management policy
  • Breach management procedure
  • Data destruction procedure

Who is GDPR for Charities for?

Any size Charity whether regardless of whether you are a single person charity or a multi-million-pound charity. Up-to 50 assets for a small to medium sized charity.

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