GDPR for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are a necessary part of our everyday lives. Convenience store owners are busy people who regularly work over 70 hours a week to provide us with the service we expect. Meaning that sometimes significant changes to the law such as the upcoming GDPR can often get missed because they are so busy. Here at GDPR Systems, we have developed a GDPR solution for Convenience Stores that recognises and addresses this.

Our GDPR solution for convenience stores includes CCTV (which falls under the new GDPR laws), as well as your other personal data such as employee records, mailing lists etc.

GDPR solution for Convenience Stores records all staff with digital or physical access and assigns breachable assets to them. It also enables you to attach your lawful basis to each type of personal data that you manage AND ties in all three together. GDPR for Convenience Stores also provides all relevant GDPR policies and procedure documentation that you will require.

Your GDPR for convenience stores is a simple to use online portal which is designed to make your busy lives as easy as possible. Allowing you have more time to help your customers.

GDPR for Convenience Stores offers you?

  • A simple to use place to list all of your cameras, storage devices, computers, smartphones et (Breachable Assets).
  • The ability to document how you have made your customer and employee personal data safe.
  • Assign levels of responsibility to all relevant staff members.
  • A clear indication of where the weaknesses in your systems lie.
  • Up to date legal policies and procedures.
  • Produce easily viewable evidence of the safety of your personal data.
  • The opportunity to list multiple sites in one location.

The GDPR Ready Minimum Legal Documentation Convenience Stores will Require?

Included in the GDPR for Convenience Stores portal is are the policies and procedures document below. The GDPR portal creates customised GDPR policies and procedures for your convenience store. The documents are as easy to read as possible.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Data retention policy
  • Consent Policy
  • Data retention procedure
  • Subject access request procedure
  • Data destruction policy
  • Breach management policy
  • Breach management procedure
  • Data destruction procedure

Who is GDPR for Convenience Stores for?

Any size convenience store whether regardless of whether you are an independent or symbol store.

What does my monthly subscription get me?

The solution includes immediate access to the CCTV GDPR portal and over the next month or so we will be releasing another portal to take care of all of your other personal data from a GDPR perspective – at no extra cost to you.

The CCTV GDPR solution provides you with;

  • 24/7 access to your online portal
  • The ability to list all of your CCTV cameras
  • All of your relevant GDPR ready documentation – personalised to your business.
  • The ability to list all of your CCTV storage devices
  • The ability to link all of the personnel that interact with the CCTV assets

Based on the information you enter, the solution also provides you with an easy to see landscape of what assets keep your data safe and which ones need attention as well as allowing you to map your data flows.

All of this means that you will be able to easily evidence how you are getting your business ready for the GDPR.

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