The Gym industry across Europe is set to explode over the coming years. The latest European Health and Fitness Market Report published by Deloitte and EuropeActive shows that in 2018 the market grew by 3.4% with revenues of 27.2 Million Euros and a total membership of 62.2 million

In the UK, The Gym Group and PwC report that low cost gyms could double by 2026 to between 1200 and 1400 locations.

This growth comes at a time where gyms are focussed on creating a positive and unique customer experience in order to differentiate themselves in a busy marketplace. Invariably this means that in order to personalise the experience, each Gym will have to understand more about their customers – which means gathering more and more personal information.

This can include basic details such as name, address phone number(s) and email address but is also likely to include higher risk personal information such as financial information. Crucially it will also include health data – which is classed as special category information under the data protection act (DPA) 2018 and will require an additional lawful basis to justify processing.

The fact is that most Gyms are unaware of this – if they are part of a national franchise then at best they have up to date policies and expected procedures passed down from the franchisor but at the other end of the scale if they are independent, then they may have invested in a privacy policy and little else.

In addition, most Gyms use CCTV systems to protect both their members and their equipment – this is perfectly acceptable as long as the gym in question fulfils their data protection responsibilities.

Here at GDPR Systems we have developed in-depth, detailed management systems to enable you to meet your requirements for all types of data management.

These include our OFFICE GDPR system for the bulk of your data (including employee, customer and supplier data) as well as our CCTV GDPR which produces specific documentation for CCTV.

Both systems enable you to easily evidence to your franchisor, your members, your suppliers and the Information Commissioners Office that you are on top of your GDPR responsibilities – helping you to protect your brand as well as mitigating potential fines.

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