School Academy Trusts

One of the largest responsibilities that schools and trusts have these days is the protection of their students’ personal information.

Whether it be an independent school or one that is part of a MAT (Multi Academy Trust), the volume of personal data that is processed is staggering.

Schools & trusts are often the very centre hub of a childs life – often interacting with other agencies and stakeholders – social services, law enforcement, parents and other school children to name but a few!

This means that no matter what type of school or trust, the importance of knowing and understanding how personal data is processed within your school is of paramount importance.

Add into these scenarios the fact that some schools are now implementing CCTV into certain areas of their premises – often viewing entrances and exits in the school as well as keeping an eye on playground activities – then the need to have accurate, infinitely scalable and easily accessible systems to be able to effectively manage their data protection responsibilities is imperative.

If you are a trust then knowing where each of your schools is on their data protection journey will be a key aim of your DPO.

Our systems will enable her/him to ‘see’ exactly where each school is in their individual progress so that they can manage and advise accordingly. This means that your DPO to concentrate on meeting the requirements of the law rather than spending all of their time firefighting.

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