GDPR for Airlines

GDPR for Airline
GDPR for Airline

A simple to use GDPR airlines portal. The GDPR airline portal covers passenger service system (PSS) or reservation system (RES), departure control system (DCS), call centre, desktops, laptops, mobiles and backup servers (Breachable Assets).

The complexities involved in airlines that run IT systems for very detailed sets of personal data fall outside of the ‘normal’ business types of data. These can be extremely high volumes of sensitive personal data where the data flows are incredibly complex and fall outside the traditional office data. From multiple servers to specific certifications on the security of the data you can be a data controller or data processor at different times in the process. Within the GDPR airline portal airlines can classify what types of personal data they hold, select which lawful basis they are using to hold or process the personal data. The GDPR Airline solution takes care of all the documentation and policies and procedure needed. Including simple summary reports to evidence what you have done to be GDPR ready.

GDPR Airline solution – what does it include?

  • A simple to use portal to list all of your airlines PC’s, remote devices, servers and storage devices.
  • The ability to document all of your security standards for all office and server hardware.
  • Document inbound and outbound data sources and allocate clear lawful basis.
  • List all of the different types of data that your company uses.
  • Upload all third-party agreements and contracts to prove their GDPR data protection status.
  • Assign levels of responsibility (data protection officer, data controllers and data processors) to all relevant staff members.
  • A Clear visual indication of where the weaknesses in your system lie.
  • Produce instantly useable summary reports for management.
  • The ability to update details should an asset fail and be replaced.
  • Provide a facility to house your certifications

Airline GDPR is for all airlines and their data processors that carry European residents as passengers.

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