GDPR for Photographers

On the face of it we may not think of photographers as having too much personal information.

No doubt they will have email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers – all pretty standard stuff.

But if we scratch the surface and examine what photographers actually do then it’s easy to see why we have created a GDPR solution specifically for them!

We invite photographers into our most important and personal occasions.

We ask them to provide an intimate account of our wedding day, capture the irreplaceable first moments of a child smiling or even show how fun our beloved pets can be.

And yet we don’t think of this as personal data – yet it is arguably the most sensitive of personal information.

From one photograph we can potentially decipher what ethnic origin you are, where you are, what you are doing, who you are interacting with, what your car registration number is, and so on.

So our GDPR solution for photographers is a crucial product which will take into account whether old photographs are stored locally or in the cloud, how you communicate with your clients and guide you in how secure your systems are.

Our plan is to make GDPR solutions that are simple for photographers to use.

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